Our partners

We have had a partnership with MOL Nyrt. for several years. Our partnership began with the transportation of crude oil and bitumen and in the recent years we have also won tenders for the transportation of sulphur, chemicals and fuels.

Among other partners in the fuel industry, we work in partnership with ENI Hungária Zrt., LUKOIL Magyarország Kft., OMV Hungária Kft. and AUCHAN Magyarország Kft., the services we provide for these companies cover 95% of our income in this branch of business.

In the bitumen industry we have a stable partnership with BHG Bitumen Kft. and OMV AG., furthermore, we perform several transportations for ENI Hungária Kft. as well.

Our most important partners in the transportation of washed stone and gravel, which we started in 2010, are two Hungarian subsidiaries of the Strabag group: Magyar Aszfalt Kft. and Frissbeton Strabag Zrt.


MOL ENI Lukoil OMV BHG Strabag Auchan Frissbeton